March 30, 2008

Pretty Purse

Hi again! Ella and I had a great time Friday night sewing with friends. Ella really loves to be creative - her favorite subject at school is art or "Meet the Masters." They get to emulate famous artists with a variety of techniques, all very fun for this 2nd grader!
Ella and Olivia's purses turned out great! We called it a night when the construction was complete, but the next day, Ella embellished her bag a bit.

We added the butterfly in crystals - although all I did was the ironing. She had all the creative freedom to do as she wished. She's been carrying it around all day with her reading and some chapstick!
And this is why I have not posted since Friday - I was working on getting my quilt basted . To me this is the worst part of making a quilt! My fingers were raw after opening and closing safety pins and it takes so long - at least two hours. I was trying not to look at the clock.So now the fun begins, and my quilt is a little closer to completion. Just in case you missed it earlier - this is the first quilt I have made for myself. All the other quilts have been for others but this is all mine. And I used primaloft instead of cotton batting - it is the down alternative for lots of outdoor gear, kind of high tech. I am always cold so I am excited to have my own warm quilt.


Jennifer Price said...

Love the butterfly, Ella!

Sheree said...

Beautiful job on the bags...I love seeing little ones sewing/crafting!

And look at that looks gorgeous. Have fun quilting!!


Anonymous said...

just poking around your great blog, just found you just a couple of weeks ago.

This quilt caught my eye....I just today finished a reversable apron with those fabrics. Yea! An UFO finished.

I will post about it late tonight and I invite to you to come visit me. Peggyann