July 15, 2008


After paying a few bills online I walked back into the kitchen and found Owen exploring. :)
In the kitchen cart that is usually full of canned goods, but happens to be empty enough at the moment for him to climb on in!
After grabbing the camera and taking a quick pic, I called his name. All the sudden the space was too small, and he started on his way out. And then I saw his what his quest was all about. The elusive crayon - I always take them away, 'cause all he does is this. . .and yes he is wearing a necklace belonging to his sister.
I managed to get my diamond quilt basted today, I spent my afternoon outdoors yesterday. But now I am out of thread - something that I should have written down before heading out last.


Katie said...

lol!! He's SO cute!

Amy said...

LOL!!!! I love it!!!

Tipper said...

Owen is so sweet!

Ruby's Daughter said...

So cute! We have a similar pic of my youngest in the oven warming drawer.

Yes, it was turned off ;)

Jane said...

I've happened upon my son shut up in our pots and pans cupboard quite often, who knows why, but I just love finding him there. It's so cute! Your son is adorable!