July 28, 2008

Olive Rose Quilt Top

I did manage to eek out enough time to finish the top I showed you last week! Our weekends tend to be less routine and more fun family time - which in turn equals less sewing time. . . I like it that way. :)
Please excuse the bits of mess you see behind it. . . :) My house is only ever half clean!
Do you see the patterns emerging? I like it! I didn't really expect it that way. I just wanted to balance the red and brown in each block. I had actually thought the blocks would go in the other direction originally - it pays to lay it out and see what works. :) I think it will be a nice fall lap quilt, especially with the corduroy backing.

For my next project I think I may work on AmandaJean's quilt-a-long - I have been loving all the blocks that keep popping up in blogland.


sara said...

corduroy backign would be fantastic! Love the fabrics you used in this!

Cami said...

Love this! The pattern is great and I like the way they sort of meshed together by accident! Fantastic job!

Tipper said...

So pretty!

melissa s. said...

love it!!! the colors work together so well. i'm inspired to start on my red & brown quilt now!

Jessica Levitt said...

Ooh...corduroy backing...that's brilliant. I rarely depart from the quilting cotton, but I do think it's so cool when it's done.

I love the fabrics and the pattern emerging. In fact I may buy some of those fabrics today. :)