August 22, 2008


Tuesday. The first day of school. Every year I'm emotional, and Ella's excited. She's has missed her friends, and classroom learning all summer, but sending her into "the world" on her own - it leaves me a mess! We pray as we drive to school each morning that she would be safe and have a great day of learning - on Tuesday I just about lost it, yep, while driving. I quickly regained composure and finished our prayer together. She is all smiles, ready to get on with her day. I give her a kiss and hug as she rushes out of the van. She turns around for one last smile and wave, as the door closes between us. This episode has repeated each morning this week - except for my tears. (But they have come back just now)

The quest for independence begins at the very beginning, and each day they grow a little bit further from us. They do need us, but it changes. I find that I still need the encouragement that I find from my own mother. How about you?

Here's what I've noticed through the week of my own kids independence -
*Owen at 14 months would much rather scavenge the lunch table for his sister's leftovers than eat the same thing when I put him in his high chair. (and you wondered how we all got sick!) But, if he's hungry enough will still eat the baby purees in the freezer, and be very impatient as it warms.
*When running to the bathroom Sophia (3) often tells me "I don't need help" but just moments later is pleading for assistance through the closed door. All too often this results in pee on the bathroom floor. ugh
*Emmalie (4) is a sweet, sweet girl, eager to be my big helper, only to discover that she is unable to open the dryer door, or lift the heavy bag of groceries - "Mommy I need help!"
*At 8 Ella seems to have turned into a little lady overnight. She absorbs every bit of information given to her through the day, and happily presents her new information and interactions at the dinner table. Hoping that we are pleased as she tells us about her adventures.

All the while each is gaining more and more independence. Our prayer is that as we allow them to make choices, and be surrounded by others, that their dependence on Christ would deepen. I know that I cannot be in every moment, every decision, but He is! As we raise our kids with loving discipline they are molded into fully functioning people that are set apart for Christ.

While I write this as a mom the idea of them being independent of me is hard, even a shocking idea right now. In the midst of diapers and laundry, I must live day by day, but looking forward with a long-term goal as well. Do you have long-term goals for your kids?

Have a great weekend!


melissa s. said...

i cry just thinking about my kids starting school and heading down that path to independence. i guess 'baby steps' applies just as much to parenting as it does to growing up. and yes, i definitely do look for encouragement from my mom and other mothers i know. which in turn encourages me that my kids will do the same when they're parents...ahh cycles!
happy weekend to you and your little ones!

Jessica Levitt said...

Even sending Aurora to preschool 3 days a week will be hard. I totally feel all the pride when she's so smart and independent, but I definitely twinge as I see her growing up "too fast". She's pretty much like your 4 year old...tries to do it herself but does still need help. i don't know what I'm gonna do when she doesn't need that anymore. :(

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

I have stress about Micayla starting school next week!!! I gave you an award.... it's on my blog!!! It's a cute one!!!

tipper said...

I hope you are all feeling better! Colds are terrible but in the summer their just mean!

I have goals for my girls-the same as you-but sometimes its all I can do to think about the next week! So I try and remind myself-one day at a time.

Marrdy said...

Oh, if only my kids were little again for just one day. I would hold them and pray that they would grow up making good decisions. (and choosing good friends)

My goal for my kids is that they will be happy and healthy adults. (Finish school, stay away from drugs, don't do anything too dangerous...and on and on.)