August 04, 2008

I've Been Baking!

My Joe turns 30 tomorrow! Yes I am about 1 year older than he - this has been the source of tons of jokes. The day that I turned 25, I was over the hump and nearly 30! When I finally turned 30 it wasn't a big deal :) Now it's his turn! We celebrated last night with some family and friends, and we are doing it again tomorrow! Schedules! Deep down I'm really glad to celebrate his birthday twice - it is such a special day why not spread it out a bit. Plus it is more reasons to bake!

For the crowd last night Joe requested lasagna. I have an incredible spaghetti sauce that is a staple through winter, but rarely make lasagna - it's a lot of work! I made that on Saturday along with the traditional rainbow cake, again per his request. Oh and Joe took all three girls camping over Saturday night - Owen was distressed by the quiet house, but I was soaking it up! Sunday I got going right away and started a loaf of bread, to go with lasagna - yum. Made frosting, and a second, alternate loaf of bread. I haven't baked so much in a while! In fact I've avoided it as I'm trying to work off my baby weight :)

When Joe and the girls got home at 2 in the afternoon I was so pleased with myself! The house was ready, the food was ready and I was able to enjoy some time hearing the girls' adventures. They always have a blast camping with Daddy! Next time we will have to go for more than one night - so Owen and I can go too!

Today I spent mostly with the kids, and a light-hearted book. Just having a little down time after all that cleaning/baking. Also today - Emmalie found a pony bead while playing outside, with Ella, and decided it belonged up her nose! About 5:30 she came running inside crying, Ella calls up "Em put a bead up her nose!" Uh-oh! She is such an emotional little girl, so first point of action was to settle her down, "breathe" I tell her. Then find the tweezers and flashlight - the thing was not budging. We tried getting her to blow it out. Nothing was working, and we didn't want to push it up further and cause problems! Thankfully Joe was home (he worked 'til 9, most of last week) I packed up Owen and Emmalie after trying our local office on the phone, to no avail. A couple of months ago a walk-in clinic opened at one of the local dr. offices, thankfully otherwise the other option is ER - uck! The good news is the bead is no longer in Emmalie's nose, the bad news is I paid a $20 co-pay to have the dr. get Em to blow it out! Poor thing was really scared that she was going to get a shot and just wanted out of there!

For tomorrow the girls decided that we should make a chocolate cake, and Joe requested steak, and baked potatoes for dinner. A good and simple meal, for me at least - it's on the grill, and that's his domain :) I'll see you back here later!


Amy said...

Happy birthday Joe!

Tipper said...

Happy Birthday to Joe!! And yes a bead up the nose is an exciting event!

Anna said...

I remember that bread you made as a Christmas gift for those of us in the office. I don't know what it is called, but it was like a cinnamon bread that you pulled pieces off...OH MY GOODNESS...that was the BEST bread ever!!! I still think about it sometimes.