November 12, 2008

Blogger Award :)

My friend at No Crying Over Spilled Milk is spreading the love, go check her out, unless your hungry . . . she has a picture of a candy bar up at the moment :) Yummy!

Part of the award is sharing more about myself, that doesn't necessarily end up here regularly. Here goes!

Seven things I did before...
1 - Fit kids shoes at Nordstrom
2 - Financial Aid Officer
3 - coordinated events big and small
4 - publish weekly bulletins
5 - and monthly newsletters
6 - kept the church financials
7 - had more trust in people (I'm working through this)

Seven things I do now:
1 - Change diapers
2 - pick up after Owen, sometimes his sisters too.
3 - lots of dishes/laundry
4 - blog
5 - quilt/sew
6 - drink coffee
7 - purge paper clutter

Seven things I would like to do:
1 - sleep in on Saturday mornings
2 - travel anywhere!
3 - get out to a movie/dinner
4 - keep up with the house better
5 - but still have, lots of time to sew
6 - raise our kids with love for each other and Jesus
7 - be more consistent in everything

Seven things that attract me to my hubby:
1 - his sense of humor
2 - his laugh
3 - his no nonsense attitude
4 - his handsome face
5 - his smile
6 - the way he interacts with our kids
7 - the way he loves me

Seven favorite foods...
1 - chips & salsa
2 - chocolate
3 - coffee
4 - carrots
5 - potatoes - just about any way :)
6 - fiber one bars - the mornings are to busy for breakfast
7 - Reese's pb cups ( I do my best to stay away from them)

Seven things I say most often...
1 - I love you
2 - get along with your sister
3 - don't push/hit your brother
4 - discipline (they go get the box of chores, or the little one sits for a time-out)
5 - do you need a hug? (go see this post - it's great!)
6 - what would you like for a snack?
7 - no touching

I'm supposed to tag seven people. If you've already been tagged with this and I've listed you, feel free to not participate, but please keep the award. Here they are:

One Shabby Chick
It's a Lucky Duck Day
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I selected these amazing ladies, because they are daily reads and always up to something great! Go check them out and be inspired :)


Penny said...

Thank-you for the honor Amy! I feel the same about you!

Amy said...

Thanks for the tag Amy. It's just the push I needed.

audreypawdrey said...

Thank you Amy! That made my day! Now to think about all those things...I completely see why you earned the award!

Tipper said...

Neat to peek into your life Amy!! Congrats on the award!!