September 16, 2009

Clearing my Head

Hi Friends~

I feel like it's been a while! A bunch of randomness that I need to put down --

After posting on Monday, I proceeded to not sew, but clean instead. "Operation Clean Floors" was a huge success, for about an hour, then, well you know! Kids - gotta love the messes that come with them :)

Yesterday I pulled out the machine during nap time to sew up that stack, and have just now ironed them! I will pin again and hope for a chance to sew later this evening.

Emmalie has missed kindergarten this week, so far, with a touch of the flu bug :( And so, I now need to bleach the house again, and pray that it passes quickly!

My doll quilt was received by Emma! She loves it, had commented and added it as a favorite on flickr when I originally posted it there, so fun to have a vocal (dqs) partner!

I got a new sketch book - can you believe I have filled 2 up in the last year!? I hardly can. Usually I buy them at the grocery store (my second home) but they changed the sketch book that they carried, so I turned to Amazon. I am very happy with my purchase, and plan on filling it up soon too! Do you use a sketch book at all? Mine are full of quilt ideas, blocks for the quilting bees, embroidery, and quilting doodles - I like to practice a little on paper before getting started.

I also have a color wheel project churning in my brain - more on that when I have a little something to show.

Have you noticed the countdown to Fall Quilt Festival? Three weeks from this Friday and the Festival begins! I have details (sponsors, buttons, graphics, prizes) all coming together! Do you have a quilt to share? I'm really excited to see it all come together. Are you a shop? Interested in being a sponsor? Email me and I will get details to you!

So I've cleared my head - anything you need to get out? I'd love to hear what you are working on!

My next post will have pictures - I promise -



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Amanda said...

Hi, Amy! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has been super busy. I'm going on a quilting retreat (I'm taking classes) and one of the classes has ALOT of presewing. There hasn't been much time to blog, and, when I do, my photos won't post. It's been frustrating to say the least. I just downloaded a program that is supposed to help, so I'm hoping that makes my internet work a little better.

Yes!! I am excited about Fall Quilt Festival for bloggers. I have two Fall quilts at the quilter's house now, so hopefully they'll be finished in time.

mom said...

I've never thought of having an actual sketch book for quilts. Ideas and dimensions and thoughts are usually put on scraps of paper. Perhaps I can put this on my Christmas wish list for my kids!

The Fall Quilt Festival coming so soon is good incentive for me to get moving on the baby quilt I've been puttering on all summer long...

Tammy ~@~

amylouwho said...

I need to clear my head and get back in touch! I feel like I have been out of it!

I use a graph paper notebook for my sketching, then I can attempt some sort of scale for when I'm figuring out the math.

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Wow Amy - you did have alot on your mind. How do you keep your sanity!?!? Take care! Jenn

Catherine said...

I have notepads of notebooks rather thn sketchpads but I might move on to those. I have one book/pad in my handbag, one in my sewing room and one next to my bed so I can always write down an idea as soon as it comes to me and ideas hit me where ever and whenever. A sketchpad is a great idea.

Quilts on Bastings said...

I can't wait for the Fall Quilt Festival..

Victoria said...

I have sketchbooks, (usually moleskins) all over the house, so it takes me awhile to fill any of them up completely, but at least one is always nearby to doodle an idea!

Hope your little one feels all better soon and good health to the rest of you!

Jackie said...

Cleaning seems to be going around these days. I hope Emmalie feels better soon. Can't wait to see the stack all sewn.

Kim D. said...

I have a sketch book very similar to yours and I draw and doodle also, it's a fun process. Looking forward to your Fall Quilt Festival, I enjoyed looking at all those beautiful quilts in the Spring.

Sorry your Kiddo's are sick, hope they are feeling better soon.

Terriaw said...

Thanks for reminding us of the countdown to the fall quilt festival. I almost forgot it was coming up so soon. Sounds like you have things under control at your household, no matter what's going on!

Thimbleanna said...

Whew! What a loaded post!!! You need a rest!!! I don't use a sketchbook -- instead I have several composition notebooks, scraps of paper in the kitchen, computer room and at work, notes on my blackberry and generally a big jumbo disorganized mess!!!