September 08, 2009

Our Weekend

It's been busy here! My sister came to visit with a friend and stayed at a hotel in Park City - that means pool time for the kiddos! And Joe took the long weekend off to go backpacking up in the Uinta Mountains. Now that we have settled down again - back to our routines - I can tell you about it :)

This is my favorite picture that Joe brought back - so much beauty up there! He went with his Dad and brother Zach (who spends a lot of the weekends here) so the three of them enjoyed hiking and being in the great outdoors.

Some fun shots of the girls at the park with Aunt Natalie --
and lounging around here at the house.

Owen is very serious with new people - we were glad when he decided to play, even just a little.

Sophia getting hugs and tickles from Aunt Natalie :)
Look out!!

Aside from playing at the park and trips to the swimming pool, Natalie brought a quilt to repair. In pointing out the many spots needing patches, Natalie decided that she should put it away, and buy fabric for me to make her a new quilt! And that is just what we did :) She ordered some Panache and a few solids for the back - hopefully I will have a big stack to show you later this week!

That's it for now! I'm off to fold more laundry and get the floors cleaned again :)

Blessings -


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MomBrose said...

Great photos! I'm with your ones are better sometimes :D Glad you had a great visit. Hope school is going well :D

Terriaw said...

Looks like you enjoyed a great weekend! Sounds like the backpacking trip was cool too. How fun that you get to make a new quilt for your sis, with some great fabrics no less.

Jackie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Kim D. said...

Beautiful Photo's.. What a fun way to spend the weekend with your sister. I can't wait to see the new quilt you whip up for her.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the best to have a sister who quilts!!

Anonymous said...

sister doesn't quilt; (Mom laughs!!) she can barely sew a button on; but she's becoming a great cook; plus a lot of other talents unrelated to homemaking!!

Rebekah said...

Great photos! It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Can't wait to see how your sister's quilt turns out!