December 31, 2009

Meet Natalia!

Hello everyone! I'm Natalia

I am so honored that Amy asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog today.
How did I get into quilting? I was born on my great grandmas birthday. Even though she died when I was very young I have always claimed that she is my sewing inspiration. She was a very avid hand quilter and won many awards for her work. Growing up my mom owned a custom curtain and drapery business. I loved watching the ladies sew and would take their scraps and make my own quilts, which were pretty scary.

This is my very first quilt, I used all sorts of different scraps and I think now it's scary but it actually went to the state fair and won a blue ribbon there.

Throughout the years I continued to sew and did a lot of applique by hand.

This is one of quilts that I did all of the applique and embroidery by hand.
Two and a half years ago while I was pregant with my daughter Chesney I decided that I wanted to make her crib betting. I went to my LQS and purchased all of the materials to make the bedding. On my drive home, (about 45 minutes) I had a lot of time to think. Somehow I came up with the idea to purchase a long arm machine. I had never even seen a long arm machine before but I decided I should buy one and then maybe I could earn a little bit of money while staying at home with my daugther. A few weeks later we had a new Gammill Long Arm Machine in our spare bedroom.

Right after purchasing my machine my sister introduced me to jelly rolls. I was in LOVE, I loved the variety of the fabric and I love the precision cutting. Things just went precut crazy from there. I taught a few classes and was a guest speaker at a few retreats around Utah about what pre-cut fabrics are. In January of 2009 I launched my business online and even after many sleepless nights I would not change that for the world. I enjoy meeting other quilters and sharing my love of fabric with them.

Last May Kathleen and I decided to create our first quilt to be entered in HMQS. This was the first time that I really pushed myself to think outside the box with my quilting.

We designed this Dasies & Lattice quilt, although it didn't win anything at that show we did learn a great ammount from the judges comments. I entered this quilt into the local fair and won Best of Division.

This spring Kathleen and I wanted to make a quilt from precut fabric to be our show quilt for the year. We ended up with this "Strut Your Stuff" quilt.The top (besides the borders) is all made from jelly rolls. I love how it turned out. This quilt did win a few contests as well.

Just a few weeks ago I shared my first quilt on Moda Bake Shop. This is one of my many dreams come true and I feel so honored to be able to share some of my ideas on there.

Quilting hasn't always been glorious, there have been many, many back aches, many bottles of Ibuprophen, quite a few tears shed, way too many unpicked stitches than I want to think about, many nights up until 3 am working on last minute projects and more quilts quilted than I can count. I still have never actually bound a quilt by myself. Kathleen has a industrial machine and she actually enjoys binding so I have yet to learn that skill.

Some of my favorites:
*I prefer to use Moda fabrics. I love the quality and most of all I love the fabric choices.
* I sew on a Bernina machine.
*My long arm is a Gammill Premer with a stitich regulator.
*I sew and quilt with So Fine! By Superior Threads.
*My favorite batting is Quilters Dream Blend.
*I really enjoy creating tutorials and sharing them.

You can read more abuot me and my business here.
Don't forget to check out my blog, I'm always adding new tutorials and fun ideas!

~Thanks again Amy, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you.
Thank you Natalia!  I'm always excited to see what you've been working on, and who's quilt is being quilted - your work is always beautiful! 

Natalia didn't mention it, but she has a coupon for 40% off your entire order through today (12/31/09) - she's got what you need to start a new project or get the wip finished up :)

Happy New Year!

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Natalia said...

Thanks again for letting me be a guest blogger today! You inspire me! :)

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Enjoyed reading about you Natalia... I am glad you like to write tutorials, because they are GREAT!

Kim D. said...

Hi Amy how fun to have Natalia as your guest speaker. I wanted to say I ordered some sale fabric from Piece N Quilt late on the 21st of Dec and it came on the 24th to my surprise. I wasn't expecting it until the following week with all the Christmas rush. So that was great service. Thanks Natalia and I enjoyed reading your story and your quilts are beautiful.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love your blog Amy and I've also been a follower of Natalia's blog for quite a while! It's great to learn more about how she got her start. Very creative and ambitious quilter!

jaybird said...

thanks for sharing how you got into quilting.. i love reading the story of how people got into quilting!!

Vicki said...

I loved reading your quilting history, Natalia! Your quilts and your quilting are amazing.

TJ and Whitnee said...

I learned some new things too that I didn't know before!

Beth said...

Natalia quilted a charity quilt for me and it is GORGEOUS!

Whosies said...

what a great little interview! so much insight. I love that. thanks for sharing. off i go to check her out :)

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Starr said...

I saw your quilt on Moda Bake Shop and I fell in love with it. You do amazing work!