April 21, 2010


Joe found this sweet kitten in our garage!  We put up signs, hoping that a neighbor lost her, and will claim her soon. But Joe and the kids are quickly falling for her -
I'm super allergic, and can't handle cats on the counter.  She's already box trained, super lovey, and obviously loves kids.  She's got the loudest purr too!  Anyone within an hour of Heber Valley want a kitty!?  I'll meet you half way...

I really want to see her go to a good home :)
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Cheri C. said...

STOP!! I have enough resistance now in my own neighborhood... Grow a little catnip and you get all the cats in the neighborhood. I feed them all (boy do I wish people in Utah would NOT let their animals roam free... all strays make it to my house).

I wish I could take the kitty, but I took in a stray for a year and a half and just lost her to breast cancer. I have 2 cats that never "bonded" with her.

I'll say a few prayers for you to get a good home for her OR that you will buy stock in Zyrtec :)
Good Luck.

laura evans/photography said...

i would so love to take her if ...
a. i didn't live in germany
b. didn't think my other cats would kill me
c. didn't think my husband would divorce me

so so cute. My MIL is super allergic but loves animals so she has outdoor cats ... maybe that's the solution??

SewCalGal said...

Very cute. I'd love to have a cat (again), but I don't think living in So. Cal. makes me a viable adoptee parent for this cute guy. I hope you find someone close by that will take him in.


Lizzie said...

Oh would so love her... but Southern Cal is not half an hour away.. sorry.
But I had a friend who was super allergic to cats but settled down with her own cat, and didn't react to it and it became part of the family for about the next 14 years!
Don't despair

Jennie said...

You can get used to her :) I'm allergic to cats too but with my own cat I'm fine.

And if you don't want a cat on the counters/furniture spray it in the face with water (literally right between the eyes) when it's in a place you don't want it to be. It only takes a couple times for them to associate that place with getting sprayed with water and they won't go there anymore :)

~ Jennie

teresamnj said...

What a cute kitty! I'm also super allergic to cats, but I find I'm okay if our Kitty (by the way, that's our cat's name) sits on my lap, it's when I start petting him and stirring up his dander, then touch near my eyes, that I then have a problem.

Good luck, Teresa

allsewnup said...

My son would love to take this little fellow off your hands but alas, we're in Canada. Good luck in finding a home.


Karin said...

I have a feeling kitty has already found it's new home ;) Good luck! I'm not a kitty person, and neither is my hubby or kids thankfully! Doggies don't get on counters or require litter boxes!


Amy - Park City Girl said...

I wish I could get use to her - I developed the allergy last time we had cats, and just being in the same room, or room where it has been - flairs me up... :/

Trudi said...

oh my, sweet as the little kitty is, you need to find her a new home! Good luck, (I'm way too far away) someone please give the kitty a new home!

MomBrose said...

I'm like you...I can walk into a room that a cat has been in and start sneezing, my eyes start watering and my nose starts running. It's bad. Really bad. Hope you find a home soon :)

Allie said...

Oh how darling!!!! I wish I lived closer! I hope you find her a good home!

Amanda M. said...

Oh my gosh is she cute! I am in northern Cali, however, nowhere near you.
Maybe you could look on Petfinder.com and find some no-kill shelters in your area to call and see if they could take her in? They would probably be more receptive to taking her if you were to offer a small donation. :)
Good luck! I hope you find a good home for her.

Cat said...

Cute but no no no!

Within a half hour yes, but my 3 Jack Russels already terrorize my cat. Not a good mix!

Best of luck in finding a home for ms. Kitty.

Andrea said...

Nope, a cat is for at least 10-15 years, don't keep her! Your allergies will forever remind you of this decision. There are plenty of rescue places that will find a home for her. The worst thing you could do is say yes and then get attached and a few months/years later need to give her away.
ps. i have a cat and a dog, and no allergies. (but the fur drives me insane)

Jan said...

I'm one of those super allergic to cats, people too. It's such a bummer.