May 16, 2010

Basics Tutorial: Prepping a Binding

Preparing a binding for your quilt takes a few minutes, but it's not difficult!  Take your time learning the steps - 
Cut 2 1/2" strips, to determine the number of strips:  add all 4 sides of your quilt together, then divide by 40.
This quilt :  60+62+60+62=244"/40= 6.1 so I round up to 7  You don't want to be short when you get around your quilt.
Next, you need to sew all your strips together to make one continuous strip.  Overlap your ends at a 90 degree angle, but leave your selvage edges hanging over the edge.
Mark a 45 degree line from corner to corner.
Now sew on the line.  
Trim your excess - 1/4" away from the seam..

Press your seam open.
Clip the little tags from the edge.  Repeat these steps for all your strips.  (I usually do all of them at once)
Now fold the wrong sides together and press a crease in the long edge.
And fold your binding around a ruler as you go to keep things tidy!

The quilt pictured is available as a tutorial here.

Next steps:
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amylouwho said...

perfect timing! I'm just getting ready to cut binding for my baby quilt today!!

harleywife said...

thanks ! you make it look EZ ; oh and I LOVE your ironing board cover ; is that the same as your backing on your Hunky Dory quilt ????

Anonymous said...

I have to thank you for all the tutorials you have. Every time I need to make a binding, I turn on my computer and use your tutorial to make one.