May 11, 2010

Basics Tutorial: Prepping A Quilt Back

As promised I have a number of Basics Tutorials for general quilt-making.  Preparing a quilt back can be as simple as sewing two pieces together, or pieced until large enough for your quilt top.

As a general rule 3" all around is sufficient for quilting at home with your machine, if you are sending it out to be quilted check with your quilter for specific requirements.

Here's the most basic method of prepping a quilt back:

This quilt measures 60"x62", so I folded the longer length over.  Then lay out my backing fabric beside it, it's folded as it came off the bolt, and I double it back the width (in this case) of the quilt.

 Leaving 3" - cut away excess fabric.  In not all circumstances will you have excess.
 Go back to the folded edge and cut along the fold so that you have 2 pieces of equal length fabric.
 Trim away selvage edges.  You can toss these or save them for a special selvage project :)
 Sew long edges together, using 1/2 seam.  Pin if you feel necessary :)
Press your seam open, and you are ready to baste your layers!

More to come - I hope this helps some of you~

The quilt pictured is available as a tutorial here.
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Isabel said...

Basicly, but very interesting, some times we forget the basic rules to make the simples things, Thank you

live a colorful life said...

Yes, cut away the selvage and save it for a project--or send it to me:)

Anonymous said...

any basics are fine... keep 'em coming!

CitricSugar said...

Great tips, Amy! Thanks!

PS: live a colorful life - your passion for selvages never ceases to entertain me!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Another tip on quilt backs: I prefer to sew my backs in panels of three, instead of two. We tend to default fold our quilts in half before we do anything. Not having a seam smack in the middle of the back helps the quilt handle wear and life a bit better. So I do exactly what you do, but cut one of the lengths into two strips and sew it on either side of my large length.