May 28, 2010

Last Call!

I can hardly believe it's been a week!  The week has been so full, with the festival and all of the usual family happenings.  Today is the last day to add your link to the list.  I hope you got your quilt finished up, or figured out all the linking - again everyone is welcome :)

The Quilt Festival post is here, it has been moving down my page.  I will announce winners over the weekend, and will need the winners to email me (too much to coordinate!) so be sure to check the list for your name right away!

With over 600 quilters on the list, I'm going to be working my way through the festival....eventually!  Thank you all again for sharing your quilts and your stories with us all - bloggers are the BEST!

Have a great weekend everyone ~

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audreypawdrey said...

Yay! Thanks for hosting this, Amy! This is one of my favorite things you do every year. I always look forward to it. There is so much inspiration!

Kandra said...

Amy - this has been so much fun! Thanks for hosting! :) And I was so glad I could actually enter this time! Plan on spending some of this weekend going through the links... I'm sure I'll be adding to my reader! :)

Busy Little Quilter said...

It really doesn't seem like a week to me, either! I have had so much fun and met so many great quilters.
Thank you, Amy!!

Deedrie said...

fingers crossed I can get my post together some time this afternoon - I feel like I'm sprinting to the finish line on this one :)

Mary said...

This is such a fun and wonderful event. I think it's going to take me a year to get through all the entries, but I just love seeing all the creativity and the great stories behind these fabulous quilts.

GLÒRIA said...

Thank you Amy, the Festival has very fun! There are more bloggers and more inspiration!
Happy weekend!

bethanndodd said...

I guess I had better start a blog...I want to participate next year :o). Good luck to everyone!

grendelskin said...

Have a good weekend yourself Amy! I'm glad I've got the post bookmarked, it's going to take ages to do each entry justice!

2miracles/Tove said...

Thanks again Amy, This was fun. I even set y mom up with a blog so she could share her quilts. Another friend was looking into it I'm not sure she did it is fun so see other people wanting to jion it! Good luck with the book.Give the family our love.

Russell said...

Thanks for the reminder! I thought I'd gone past the cutoff date and so didn't enter... now I have! :)

Sonia said...

Hi Amy, I just created a link to you post on one of my blogs.

Here's wishing you a great Memorial Weekend!

God bless and keep you,

live a colorful life said...

Amy, thanks for all the time you put into hosting BQF. It's a wonderful way to bring the quilting community together.

Q said...

Thanks A LOT again for hosting this. I've been so many friendly and talented quilters in the last few days.


Trudi said...

Congratulations on another successful Festival Amy! Thank you for hosting it once again, and thanks to all your sponsors for their generosity! (I hope I win something this time ) oooh, did I just say that! LOL

Lis said...

Thank you Amy for a brilliant festival and for getting so many people involved. I still haven't seen all the quilts but will continue to work my way through the list, they are all worth devoting some time to. I have appreciated all the great feedback I've received (it has persuaded me to enter my quilt in a local exhibition in October, oooh, scary) so I want to be able to do the same for others. Have a good weekend - don't spend it all on the computer! Lis x

SewCalGal said...

Great BQF. I'm still working my way thru all the quilts, but having fun. Lovely quilts being shared, along with many delightful stories! Thank you for coordinating this.


Lara said...

Thanks for all your hard work Amy - it's been so much fun looking at all the quilts :) and thanks for your super sweet comment on my entry! x

MaggieB said...

I too, have been working my way down the list! WOW! I couldn't sleep last night & thought I might make a dent... HA! It's going to be ugly & rainy tomorrow so I vow to finish then!

ALL the quilts are wonderful!
Congratulations to EVERYONE that participated, and THANK YOU to Amy, who made it all happen!

Allie said...

Over 600? How am I going to catch up! My computer has been running very hot this week, and the weather has been hotter, so it's been off most of the time. NOT good when all you want to do is stay online, lol! But it's all fixed now and my weekend is all planned - I'll be right here!

Scot said...

Thank you for organizing the festival for 3rd time Amy! It is so much fun to go see what everybody is up to!

Have a great weekend!

Zlaty :)

MARIKA said...

Big thanks for you dear Amy that you provided an opportunity for the cognition of much creative bloger again .
It had thanks!
Loving embrace for you

Jackie Davis said...

What fun! So glad to participate! Now I am thinking of a quilt to make to post for next time!