June 02, 2010

Still In Progress...

My Tuesday was like a full Monday!  Celebrating Sophia's birthday made for a fun day thou :)  All that to say, I didn't get to work on my design challenge quilt more, BUT I did take a couple more pictures for you!

We were given a page from a seed catalog, and told to select one picture to use as inspiration.
This is where my focus landed - peas!  I love the picture on the left, all the shades of green in the shadows, and the shape.  Nothing has to be literal, just our inspiration, so I cut a circle template!
 Maybe now the photo from yesterday makes more sense?  I'm planning to be back tomorrow with more :)

Our Birthday Girl!  Sophia had a great day being the center of attention.  We also went to the doctor for her and Owen, a little reactive airway trouble...I'm thankful that it's nothing worse, just a nasty cold that doesn't want to leave.

What are you working on today?

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Leslie said...

happy birthday to your little one!!!! this inspiration picture is intriguing, i can not wait to see what becomes of your cut stack

Terriaw said...

Love seeing the inspiration picture you picked! What a great idea to look through a seed catalog. Can't wait to see what you came up with. I think these challenges are really fun... and quite challenging too. Happy day to Sophia!

MARIKA said...

Happy birthday fairy for a girl !

About Me said...


My Tuesday also felt like a REALLY bad Monday! Funny how that happends after a long weekend.

Can't wait to see more inspiration,

Wendy_MT said...

I'm sure your beautiful baby had a wonderful birthday since she was with you :) Great Job Mom! I like your description of the inspiration photo. Can't wait to see more.

Susan Entwistle said...

My birthday was yesterday too. I wish I were five. :) Your daughter is adorable. Can't wait to see where you're headed with your challenge.

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I can't wait to see your design challenge quilt!

MomBrose said...

That IS a challenge! Whew!
I can't wait to see it finished!
I love that miss Sophia was wearing a tiara and traded it for her headband. She's such a doll!!
And I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious. I dislike reactive airway! Skylar has it and her coughs seem to last forever.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, this is so cool! And happy day to the birthday girl! I've been designing this website:

and need to BACK AWAY from the computer - I've got 3 commission messenger bags that need to be done pronto!

Mrs. Darling said...

what an adorable birthday girl!!!

hope it was a fun and happy one!

sewtakeahike said...

Happy Birthday to Sophia! She looks like such a "sweet pea"!
and I agree, Tuesday was a really hard "monday" for me too. lots of bumps and stopping short for sure!

sheree said...