March 29, 2009

Recent Happenings -- Around the House

Owen, our big boy - he's 21 months old (or young) and not talking too much. He has three big sisters and mama to grunt and point with! We all get him :) Recently when he was asking for a snack (with a grunt) I said "Say please mama" his response is "neeeee" - while making the CUTEST face:

"Say Please Mama"

Then there's Miss Ella, getting really close to 9 and just 2 months of 3rd grade left! I don't think I told you, but she's had strep recently - oh joy!

It started Monday before her Disney program, she woke up with a horrible sore throat - and I knew it was strep (she had it twice last winter). She stayed home from school, and went to the doctor. We started the meds and she had to stay home for 24 hours, so she went to school the next day after lunch. She was super excited for the program and could not be persuaded to rest anymore :) The rest of the week feeling fine, finished her meds and was happy to feel good!

Over the last weekend, she developed a nasty cough. A couple of years back she had inflammed bronchial tubes, and used an inhaler to settle things down, so we started that up -- it didn't get better! She losing sleep, therefore so am I, due to her coughing. Back to the doctor . . . she still has strep. Apparently the strain she caught, is resistant to zithromax and she needed a different one for 10 more days - ugh.

All the while it has been winter here again - more snow, but not enough to play in. Too cold to enjoy outside time, and Ella needs to rest. Usually when I send the girls outside it is together and only with Ella to be my eyes out there. They all have their rules and follow them - I just don't trust other people/kids :) I feel like it has been the longest week inside! We were healthy for the entire winter, just a few sniffles (which I can handle) but now that spring is here. . . you get the idea :) I rented a couple of movies from Redbox to help keep Ella on the couch and not up and about too much. We also made playdough - I really hate the mess but they are happy, so oh well!

While enjoying a snack Ella popped a root on one of her three loose teeth. She worked it for just a bit longer and it was free!
We randomly composed this picture together :)

On to the next week! I am praying for sunshine, so far there's more snow in the forecast, but they are wrong often!

Many Blessings ~


Unknown said...

Glad to hear that the cough is now under control! Sometimes when it rains it pours. Hope everyone else stays well.

shelia said...

Your munchkins are adorable!
So sorry for the seems winter will not go :)

Thimbleanna said...

The kids are so cute Amy...I hope everyone's soon feeling better!

Rebekah said...

this winter seems like it will never end, doesn't it?

Your son's expression is so cute :)

Marrdy said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. And guess what....more snow tonight! Fun times.

melissa s. said...

strep is no fun. hope she feels better soon. (and what a sweet big boy smile!!!)

Tipper said...

Yay for the tooth and the cutie pie boy-boo for the strep!! My girls had it seveal times last winter-it is no fun!! Hope she is all better soon-and the sun comes out!