April 15, 2009

What I've Learned As a Soccer Mom . . . so far

In less than a month my oldest will be 9. Gabriella or Ella, as I mostly call her, is a very, very patient child. We've done a few ballet classes for her, and some gymnastics for Emmalie, but those are once a week commitments that hardly last an hour. You see, when Ella started Kindergarten, Sophia was brand new, and just when we were starting to see the light, Owen surprised us!

While I seem to get a lot done - I know my limits, and traipsing the family about with a newborn was beyond my limit. Fast forward to our current situation, Owen is almost 2, and Emmalie and Sophia are both pretty self-sufficient. And I have joined the ranks of "soccer moms" just this week! Good Lord - there's a lot to keep track of!

Here's a few things I've learned ~

1 ~ when practicing at an Elementary School, don't bother to bring a chair, I'll be chasing my little ones around the playground.

2 ~ keep a little potty seat in the van - these fields are not armed with toilets for my little girls' bladders. (yes, I had to run Sophia home to use the restroom, and back to pick-up Ella -- thank goodness it's close enough)

3 ~ when thunderstorms are in the forecast for a game, two cars are a great idea! (I got my younger two home just before the pelting rain came)

I'm sure I have ALOT more to learn, any of you seasoned soccer moms have some helpful hints for this newby?

Ella had a great first game last night, her team won 5-0, I kinda felt bad for the other team. She has one good friend on the team from school, but Joe had to keep reminding her to pay attention whenever she came over for water. But having a friend there makes it more fun!

I'm watching the snow fly here again today :( Thankfully it melts as it hits the gound, but I'm ready for the sun - hopefully next week!

I'm really looking forward to our Quilt Festival! It's going to be so much fun and I have a dozen great giveaways lined up due to our awesome sponsers!! So, I have some work to get done around here to be ready . . .

Blessings to you ~


audreypawdrey said...

I have a long way to go before becoming a soccer mom, so I don't have much help there! It sounds like a blast though. I can't believe it is snowing there. It will be coming my way later this week. I am so ready for spring.

Looking forward to the festival!!!

Heather said...

Bring water and snacks :D

Anonymous said...

Oi, sou o Clausewitz e gostaria de convidar você para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração

Fee said...

Amy I remember being a soccer mum - A thermos full of coffee on the cold wintery mornings here in Tassie was essential as was a blanket and stitching for between times.

Mindy said...

Oh what fun to be a soccer mom! Well I don't know the joy yet, but I hope to one day (although I highly doubt I'll be toting 4 kids by then). I think the travel potty is a great idea - we just got one for Myles. Also to always have a blanket or sweaters on hand in case it gets windy or chilly. Have fun!

Paloma said...

I still don't have the soccer mom experience. But we have been doing violin for the last four years with the two older girls who are 8 and 6 years old. Poor Isabel, she is a well know baby in all those classes and the violing teacher always remebers me with huge bags of entertainment, diapers, and snacks for my girls for the two to four hours session of violin lessons, and my baby hanging from my hip. It's amazing all that we moms can do, lol.
I'm looking forward to the quilt festival too!!

Rebekah said...

Wow, a potty seat is definitely a must. I remember learning about that when I saw my friend play soccer (she has 4 younger brothers)

jacquie said...

speaking as one who has had a good 10 years of soccer mom experience...keep the kids first...fun and happy....avoid the win at all cost parents...change teams if you have to. snacks are essential, before and after the game. cheer for everyone...good plays, nice outfits, cute socks....model good sportsmanship (can you tell i saw a bunch of not so good). find a routine...ours was bagels after the games as a family...was always a great family time for us.

Levin said...

Thanks for the tips - I'm going to be a soccer mum for the first time in a couple of weeks - our season starts on the 9th of May! Mind you Julian is 7 and I will take along Louis who is 5 - so it's not so hard for me and also, practice is on the oval across the road from our house!!!
I've just discovered your blog through someone who is participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I would join in, but I haven't finished my favourite quilt yet!!!! Mind you I have just re-read about the giveaways - and I love a good giveaway - perhaps I should start sewing fast!!!

Marrdy said...

Congrats on becoming a soccer mom. Sounds like you ahve it figured out mostly anyway!! Have a great time.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Amy,

Wow! It sounds like you have your hands full!
I don't know how you mom's do it all. Just trying to keep everyone's schedules straight has to be a challenge.

Wishing you warm and sunny weather soon.
Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

I was a baseball mom and even though my baseball player (in university now) really misses playing I miss it just as much. She loved the game, I loved the time together esp taking her to McDonalds after (I know not very healthy) for her McFlurry and order of fries to dip in the McFlurry :)
I really cherished time together with my girls (still do) but those just the two of us times doing something they wanted to do..those are the times they talk during their teens.
So I agree with make after game routines and if you can even just sometimes make it a time just for that one child if you have more than one.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Amy, how I envy you, I was a Soccer Mom for 21 years, well soccer Mom and Soccer Grandmom....oldest GS's Mom wasn't ever there for him..so I was..lol...for Recreation and High School. Loved it, my last GS graduated last year. I cried this whole fall soccer season. I never missed a game even in rain and sleet, yep in High School they rarely cancel a game because of weather. I found for when they are little to keep a ziplock bag of oranges cut in wedges for them to suck on in between halves, it kept them from dehyrated in the real hot weather and kept them from getting leg cramps, my BB suffered from them terribly after a game.
But most of all just be supportive and ENJOY them while you can.