April 27, 2008

Mommy Moments

I have been catching up on all the posts I missed this week with my parents in town. One of the first posts I found - after yours, of course! - was a photo contest in honor of mother's day. Over at 5minutesformom you can get all the details to enter too! $1000 Amex gift card - from Eggbeaters. Why not enter - right?

Two pictures - I had to post the second. We all know that "imitation is the highest form of flattery." And this is one moment where it paid off for me. You always hope and pray that they pick up the good stuff from you not just the bad! Owen was two months old at the time this picture was taken - just waiting for me while I got the girls ready for bed. As the girls were done getting ready they each came to Owen to talk to and soothe him, just the way I have soothed him and each of them. They take it all in, a good reminder to keep myself in check.

This was a moment of joy - about to be tickled! There are moments as a mom that this is how I feel inside, "stop the insanity!" But God always brings back the clarity of the moment and shows me how to slow down and enjoy the moment with them - because it goes sooo fast.