April 05, 2008

Yesterday - As Good As It Gets

For this stay at home mom - yesterday was a great day! My mother-in-law offered to take my 4 and 21/2 year old girls for the day. I thought about taking a nap while Owen was napping, then I thought about cleaning the house more than the usual day to day. But in the end I decided to sew! Having a day to myself - with Owen - is a nice change of pace. I altered and cut out a pattern for Ella's dress that was in the same pattern as her purse. It is Simplicity 2993. I was able to sew the bodice before it was time to go for a bike ride and pick her up at school. Also lots of fun - with Owen in a little trailer!

After dinner I finished getting my quilt quilted and then attached the binding! =) I am so in love with the fabrics. I have to finish it before I post any more pictures. But I have
been able to complete the dress for Ella - originally she was going to do most of the sewing but was uninterested when it came time to sit down.
I just love it! It looks really cute on - and it is a good fit.


The Caffeinated Crafter said...

I love those colors together. It looks very mod. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks adorable, Honey!! The pics of Ella are really cute. Send Nancy, Katie and Aunt Karen your emails. Love you,Mom

tipper said...

Oh how cute! I love the dress. It reminds me of the things my Mom made for me when I was little. I wish she had kept them all for my girls. I wish I could sew too!

Sew It Up! said...

I made this dress for my daughter last year with some Japanese fabric for a wedding. It came out so pretty. She loves it! She has outgrown the length so I cropped it down to a top. Thanks for sharing.