July 11, 2008

What Was I Stressing About?

oh right - everything!

It's weird how one little thing can make everything seem stressful - but it does. My younger 2 take afternoon naps usually around the same time, while my older 2 play outside. We have worked into a nice summer schedule :) Only today my girls didn't go outside right away - just having fun inside - and so Owen was woken up. They are never quiet, and why should they be, they are kids! It just sent me today - Owen whining in his crib, and them invading my quiet time.

I got them plastered in sunscreen - and sent them out. Ah a little better.
I left Owen in his bed - he wasn't screaming just whining - he went back to sleep. Lots better.
A phone call from Joe - "Don't stress out. Take a breather." I'm okay :)

Sometimes I just need a reminder. "Take some time for yourself - you are important too!"

So don't forget to take some time for yourself today - okay?

Blessings -