August 16, 2008

Uh - Oh!

The last couple of days have started to feel like fall!

I'm not ready.

I've woken up yesterday and today huddled under our down comforter (no quilt there, yet) with that cool crisp air that reminds me that it will be cold before I know it. I was just telling you how hot it was here, and now all the sudden I have to rummage through the closets looking for pants that fit all the kiddos. My girls are probably fine, but Owen doesn't have the same hand-me-down ability as they do :)

Oh well! It will most likely be hot again next week, but the nights will continue to be cold. So I need to begin to prepare myself now. This is my favorite picture of all 4 kids outside last winter. They were sitting on top of 2.5 - 3 feet of snow :)

In quilting news - I've been working on my tiny bits this morning I will have more pictures soon, but it is slow going - just because there's so many pieces!

Blessings -


Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

I love your blog.... don't worry about the award...It's still yours.... I was a little hesitant of passing it on to people. You have a great blog and you totally kick!!!!

Penny said...

Hi Amy,
I know!!! It was really crisp here the last couple of mornings too! We had rain for a couple days and it really cooled things off. It's too early to have to start using the heater!

Randi said...

We had a fall-ish weekend too. So weird and way too early for me! Luckly we are back up into the 90s this week.

No Crying Mama said...

I am jealous of your crisp weather! We have at least a month, probably more left of sweltering weather!

tipper said...

I'm feeling fall on its way too! Although I know I won't be facing 2to 3 feet of snow like you! Maybe you can send us some? I wish!!

Marrdy said...

We have turned the air conditioner down and opened the windows. I love the fall but I am with you I am not ready for the snow just snowed two months ago!