October 31, 2008


Thank you all for such nice and wonderful comments about my Olive Rose quilt!

I love it, in fact my mom loves it too! Today is her birthday and I managed to surprise her with the quilt. She called me up last night delighted by the package in the mail, it has a new home where it will be treasured. That makes me smile, knowing that it will be loved! Also my mom has continued to have good news about the possible breast cancer. She had a lump, near the surface, removed last week, and the pathology came back cancer free! She will continue to be monitored closely in the coming months but thankfully she is able to celebrate her birthday without the threat hanging over her head. Happy Birthday Mom!

I did manage to quilt this top. But it has yet to be bound and washed, so I am waiting to post pictures. Hopefully I can get to it today - I get anxious to finish when it is so close!

I have a plan for the next SewConnected block . . . The fabrics are really great! I'm having fun too just making one block - usually I go for simple, more modern construction, but having only one block I'm more free to do a more complex pattern. And I'm learning so much!

Ella had a bunch of really hard spelling words this week. I look at the words and think that there's so many adults that struggle with these words, and try to comfort her when she gets frustrated. She's a great speller and excellent reader but these are tough homophones!

- patience
- accept
- hanger
- lesson
- presence
- patients
- except
- hangar
- lessen
- presents

I quizzed her again on the way to school - she'll do great. "Slow down and take your time" was my final words about it this morning.

I'm not a huge Halloween fan, so all I will say is - stay safe and have fun with your family. I'm off to do the usual dishes, laundry and so forth, so that I can get to the table again and sew :)

Have a great weekend!


Marrdy said...

Such good news for your mom. And congrats to your amazing speller!! Good job.

Kim said...

Thank goodness your mom is healthy! Whew! The quilt you sent will indeed be well loved. Tricky words for the young speller.

em's scrapbag said...

Great news for your mother. What a fabulous b-day gift. Hope Ella did good on her spelling test. Ugh! spelling is not my strong point.

melissa s. said...

so glad to hear the good news about your mom. what a wonderful gift, the quilt. i get caught up on many of those spelling words, too and rely far too much on spellchecker!
happy weekend!

tipper said...

Super news from your Mom!