December 22, 2008

Finished Doll Quilts

I am feeling a bit disconnected! I've had extra people in the house, some crazy back/shoulder pain, and lots of baking still happening - it all adds up to not much time for blogging.

This one is for Ella - the back is the same as the yellow binding, simple.

This is for Emmalie, she's been on a anti-pink thing lately, so it's mostly not pink. I couldn't resist the pink binding though :)

This is the backing - cute dog print.

And for Sophia the pink button print. With cute little clowns holding balloons on the back!

I hope that all your preparations are coming together, maybe even winding down :) We've had a foot of snow in the last 6 hours - so I've been busy inside wrapping presents and trying out the last recipe I had on my list for this year. I have a killer french toast casserole for Christmas morning, I'll be back with soon :) Gotta run - my girls are too close for comfort right now :)


SaraRules said...

They are so cute! I especially love the cats on the front, dogs on the back! So sly!

French Toast casserole? Sounds delicious!

Good luck wrapping up all the baking, presents, and general holiday craziness!

Jackie said...

You have been busy. I love the quilts and I am sure they will too!! Merry Christmas!

amandajean said...

I LOVE all your doll quilts! especially for the Emmalie. that print is adorable. and good for you for adding pink binding anyway. :)

melissa s. said...

beautiful doll quilts! i'm sure Emmalie will appreciate the pink someday ;-)

APA said...

I love these little doll quilts. I think one of my goals for the new year will be to make one or two, despite the fact I've no little kiddies in the family. But, perhaps some day and these would be precious to give.

French toast casserole sounds delicious.

Take a breather now and then this busy time of the year, but also live the moments with loved ones, near & far. Much joy to you and yours these wondrous days!

Amy said...

Adorable quilts. I love that doggie print. Stay warm!

Marrdy said...

Very cute but I still love the kitty one the best!!

Tipper said...

So sweet and pretty!