January 18, 2009

6 Takes

There's been a couple of items that I have intended to post about - and have forgotten or run out of time. . . so here's a few quick takes to keep us current :) And a few links too!

~ A week or so ago Jacquie introduced a new project - Project Improv. I jumped on board a bit hesitantly, as I do like to draft blocks and have a plan for my quilts. But I am excited to step out of my comfort zone! I have a aqua/red block to make and get to Jacquie soon.

~ A Notion or Two - Dana invited me to join her bee before Christmas. . . I couldn't resist! Doing block and mini swaps has been a great way to try something new. I have received January's fabrics from a fellow Amy blogger and I'm looking forward to learning more as I sew :)

~ Every year the 3rd grade at Ella's school does a Disney program. . . she has spoken of this since she first saw the program in Kindergarten. It's finally here, mid-March they will preform 4 times (I think) Ella has a solo (Tiki Room), and will be a dancer in a couple of other songs. She is SUPER excited. Speaking with the teachers, the district has wanted to shut down the production, as it takes away from reading and math, but the teachers continue to stand up for the advantages of getting the kids involved - and producing good test results. . . My point!? You ask - I volunteered to organize a few moms, that also volunteered, to update costumes for the program. What was I thinking!? It will be fun, and I haven't been able to help in the classroom yet, with so many little people at home - so it's my contribution! Any ideas for elephants?

~ I was in my fabric chest yesterday and found this collection again! I won a giveaway from Artsy Momma a while back and . . . well I've been a slacker posting my thanks here. Thank you Stefanie!

~ My stitches seem to be healing well. I haven't had much pain even - until Owen kicked my hand while I was getting him dressed this evening . . . mostly I'm just slower at most of the usual things :)

~ I borrowed Gee's Bend: The Architecture of the Quilt from the library on Friday. I have been looking/reading through it all through football this afternoon. It's a beautiful and amazing story! This site has more info too :)

~ Is your name Amy too? Amy @ Commonplace is compiling a list of blogging Amy's. Check out the link if you would like to be added to the list :)

I finished the binding on three doll quilts today - I will be back to post about those real soon! Hope you are having a great weekend ~ Amy


Amy said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Jackie said...

You are one busy Momma! Sometimes being busy is a good thing! I am glad your finger is getting better, just try to avoid those little feet.

Janis said...

What a mom!!! With an injured finger and all that you have going on, you will be doing costumes!? I know they will be glorious and much appreciated.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be anxious to see and hear about the program and the SOLO! Good luck Ella!

Meg said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better--my younger daughter nearly stabbed me in the eye with her finger while I was helping her get dressed this morning. Such are the hazards of motherhood!

I find the "blogging Amys" cool and funny. You'd be surprised how many times people have mistakenly called or referred to me--Meg--as Amy. I think it goes back to the book "Little Women."

melissa s. said...

so much cool stuff! congrats to Ella on her solo. the tiki room was always my favorite at disneyland!

audreypawdrey said...

It seems as if you are getting busier and busier! Good luck with the costumes and congratulations on the solo to Ella. I am glad that the teachers are fighting to keep the performance. There is a lot of research that shows involvement in the arts strengthens test scores.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Hi. Found you through Valori Wells and will stop by often!

Tipper said...

I didn't realize you actually had to get stiches from the haircut-I thought you just meant you snipped yourself. So sorry-hope it heals fast!

Sheree said...

Glad your finger is better!