May 31, 2009


Since the Quilt Festival I have made lots of new friends - so fun! One in particular is Kelly. She is a shop owner and quilter - and recently asked friends of her blog send in pictures of quilts, and the story to go with it, to post on her blog. Here is my entry -

"Quilt Full of Love

I'm excited to share the quilt I made for Ella a few years ago. It was made with a lot of love - 99 hearts in all! I worked on this quilt for months, at the time I was pregnant with our 4th and had yet to make a quilt for our oldest. Baby quilts are easier and faster :) I made this quilt with a valentine's fabric collection, Hearts Aflutter by Sandy Gervais. I had a plan and it changed a lot while I was piecing all the blocks. In the end I have 6" hearts sashed and framed! Ella loves her quilt and proudly shows it off whenever possible - that does my heart a lot of good!"

You can check out the other entries here :)

I think this quilt was the beginning of my creative therapy, all the more reason to love it! I did post about it, and a few others, when I first started my blog last year - thus the post title - Rewind :)



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Crispy said...

Wonderful quilt Jenny, how great that she is so proud of it and shows it off all the time.


Jackie said...

Amy, Your quilt is beautiful! I am sure that Ella just loves it. Much care and love went into it and that is part of its beauty.

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun story and quilt Amy. And I Loved seeing your self portraits -- love the new haircut!

Rebekah said...

What a sweet quilt! I love all of the hearts and the story that goes along with it

Cheryl Arkison said...

That's a lot of hearts! No wonder she loves it.

Feedsack Fantasy said...

I LOVE this quilt, the colors are exquisite & captivating. TY for sharing. TTFN ~ Marydon

Terriaw said...

This is such a pretty quilt. And I love the sweet story behind it!

Katherine said...

It's a beautiful quilt. I love hearts and I love pink. Thanks for sharing - so special!

audreypawdrey said...

That is a gorgeous quilt! Love it.