September 10, 2009

Flea Market Fancy

Just a quick note!

The Flea Market Fancy petition is gaining in number (nearly 500), if you haven't been over there yet - go! Denyse Schmidt actually signed it recently too! Also, there is a poll giving you a voice as to color WHEN the line goes to be printed again - I'm just trusting and hoping :)

Pretty please - go sign the petition.

Thanks - you all are the BEST!



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Blue Is Bleu said...

Every time I think about the petition I get a little excited... what if they DO reprint it! Oh pretty please let them reprint it...

Jessica said...

My little fingers are crossed!

Jane said...

How do I grab the button for this? Usually there is code to copy and paste but I don't see it.

susan said...

i have my fingers crossed
oh it would be so so awesome

jaybird said...

i added my name... crazy fact but i had heard of FMF but didn't really know much about it till the petition site.. but seeing pics now of all the fabric.. i want it!!