December 12, 2009

Scrapbox Desktop Winner Announced

Check the post here to see if you have won! Many thanks for all the clicks!

It's snowing again here, and has actually warmed up, hooray! I still have no voice but I can tolerate 30F much easier, and the girls will play outside for an hour at least today :) There's a new snowman being built as I type!

Oooh - here's a little photographic evidence :)

Hope you are warm and blessed today ~

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Natalia said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winner... btw, cute little snow buddy

Anonymous said...

My boys are jealous! they miss snow!

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

You're so lucky to have snow! My kids have never seen snow and as a result don't understand lots of things they see and read.

Rita @ Mochi Studios said...

Aw cute kids and awesome snowman! I've never made a snowman before!