December 01, 2009

Video Post

I realized recently that I've barely mentioned music since I removed it from my sidebar over the summer! I'm still loving most anything Ingrid Michaelson produces, but a new favorite is Regina Spektor - take a listen --

Her voice is beautiful, and the lyrics are captivating.

Over the weekend Cynthia at Fabricworm produced a quick video, sharing more about her shop, and the process your order carefully goes through after you place it -- Enjoy!

We have been getting our Christmas decorations out and put up - I can hardly believe that it's December! I have a busy week this week. . . hope you are well ~

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Tipper said...

Enjoyed the music : ) You are ahead of me-I don't have any decorations up yet.

live a colorful life said...

I love Ingrid Michaelson as well. I'll take your new recommendation. And lucky enough to go to Cynthia's store. It is way cute.

FabricWorm said...

I love Regina Spektor, I think you and I definitely have the same music taste. I only listen to XMU on Satellite you too huh? Thanks for the post about the video. It's a little embarrassing but it was fun! Happy Holidays!

Amber said...

Cynthia's video is great :-) and great music picks :-)

Whosies said...

i went and saw her in Salt Lake!!!! wonderfully fun. perfect for just the honey and me {he is the bigger fan--but i still love her} !!!YAY!!! thanks for the reminder of memories.:)

Spendlove said...

My sister's going through breast cancer at age 35, this song was great thanks!