June 17, 2010

Rainy Day = Library Day!

and the library books were due back :)  The kids all love books and being able to claim books as their own for three weeks is a treat!  After they finished finding what they wanted, I took a few minutes to look beyond the usual racks.  I did check out the quilting section still but looked a bit further as well :)

 Living the Creative Life
Love the colorful page layouts and ideas.
I figure there's always more to learn!
A few pictures below :)
Snagged this at the one in the last moment before exclaiming "Time to go!"  (in my quietest frazzled voice)

 This one made me think of my friend Amy.
 See text below for what is written in the quilting.

Amazing pieces in this bed ensemble - all hand pieced around 1730-50

I have plans to further enjoy these books and quilts but just had to share with you!  Have you found anything good at the library lately?

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WoolenSails said...

I love the library and love being able to order books from other libraries in the state. We do have a good quilt selection throughout the state, so it is nice to be able to get books for free.

I never realized how lucky we were until we had some exchange students, they have to pay for books.


Lisa said...

The quilts are amazing... I saw them last Monday "in the flesh" at the London Victoria & Albert Museum. It was a fabulous day out.

mascanlon said...

We go to the library often, its such a wonderful resource and last year I kept track off how many books I read from there vs what I would have spent at the bookstore and promptly made a donation! I will have to look for a couple of these, especially website for dummies, I've yet to start a blog but I'm itching!

Alexis said...

I LOVE the library! We just went yesterday (it's rainy here too). That historical quilt book looks fabulous! My "find" from the quilt section is "The Uncommon Quilter" which features small quilts made with things like fruit leather and those mesh bags that you buy onions in!

Alia said...

Ladies, ladies! Enjoy this wonderful 'thing' we know as the PUBLIC LIBRARY! We DO NOT have any here in Muscat, or in all of Oman. Not like the ones in America and I presume the UK. I am coming home with my two kids on Monday!!! and I already asked my Mom to take us to 'join' and check out books. I want my kids to experience (they always do when we go home) the public library system. The difference this time is that I will be looking and checking out some books as well!

em's scrapbag said...

Love library days. You found some treasures. I'm going to have to check a few of those out.

Terriaw said...

I love library day! Looks like you found some great treasures. Honestly, I haven't been to the library lately cuz I've been hanging out at Barnes & Noble. I've been oogling over Anna Maria's Handmade Beginnings book.

Megan said...

Next to my sewing room and garden, the library is my favorite place. I worked in our local library for 9 years and now I volunteer there several hours a week. Please continue to support your local libraries. With all the state and local budget worries, libraries are receiving less funding and are even being closed. Okay--off my soapbox for today.
Love the quilt pictures.

Linda said...

I ride my bike to the library but I've never gotten quilting or craft books...I'll have to check out that section. I am reading a series by Lilian Jackson Braun about cats and mysteries...fun and light. Good reading for summer! This is my first time to your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Craig said...

My 2-year old granddaughter loves the library, so we go often - but she's not real good about letting me pick out books - she always wants to look at her book racks and play with the computer!

Anonymous said...

OOH! That one with the quilted message is fantastic! Who made it?

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Amy -- thanks for sharing those amazing quilt pictures. I love the one with the message -- what a great idea!!!