October 20, 2009

New Quilt Festival Winners!

There's a couple of prizes yet unclaimed, so I have turned to my trusty random number generator to find some new winners! Let's get this wrapped up :)

Fabritopia -- Janet Brady -- Claimed!
Jona is offering a bundle of 10 fat quarters of Summer Soiree!

I Have a Notion -- Kelli -- Claimed!
Kelly is offering Eleanor Burns' book, Quilt In a Day!

Quilted Treasures -- Crazyqsis -- Claimed!
Kristina and Mary are offering a $30 gift certificate!

So Fun Fabrics -- Alissa -- Claimed!
Tisha is offering a $25 gift certificate!

Uberstitch -- Dolores -- Claimed!
Pam and Kristina are offering a $40 gift certificate!

Each of the winners needs to email me, (amy1399@gmail.com) with Name, Address and your sponosor/prize - to claim your prize! Thanks in advance :) I will confirm with you and then I will forward your information to the sponsor. If I don't hear from you soon. . . well I'm not sure yet!

Have a great afternoon ~
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Liz Harrell said...

What great prizes! I'm sorry I missed this!

Anonymous said...

If the new winners don't respond, I'm sure there are volunteers who would be happy to claim their prizes for them. :-)

sallgood said...

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you Amy for putting together such a fun and inspiring Quilt Fest!