June 07, 2010

AccuQuilt - Go! Cutter Follow Up

Hi there!
Reading the comments from my review I decided that a follow up post was in order.  Like some of you I've had a few skeptical thoughts about the Go! Cutter, and it's efficiency, and so I thought I would share a little more of what I've learned using it.

This is how it shipped to me, the blank grey foam.  You can barely see it, but the 5" squares are not exactly straight with the edge of the green rectangle.  I emailed my contact at AccuQuilt to ask why - they try to position the shapes at a slant, because they go through the roller easier.  My initial thought was that I got a "off" die - I was ready to ship it right back!  But they did it on purpose :)  So then - what is the best way to use it?

I went searching youtube, for videos to educate myself.  First, take a permanent marker to the edges.  This simple step, makes lining up the fabrics easy!  Then I get cuts with the grain too!
I lined all my shapes - in the review comments someone asked if I could change it for the desired shape.  Nope!  What you see is what you get!
 Notice that the 2 1/2" strips die have no blade at the ends - continuous cuts!
 Line up the fabrics with the drawn lines instead of the edge of the die for precise and speedy cuts.
 You can see here better that the fabric is not square with the die.
Here is the other concern - waste.  After running the above piece through the roller, this is the remaining scraps.
 Not much really!  And I'm ready for another pass -
 With this smaller size die, having a little fabric overhang is not a problem.

I cut 5" charms and mini half square triangles until this was what was left of my fat quarter.  Not much more than I typically have after squaring and re-squaring my fabric.  I'm really loving having this around :)

I have pinned all my tumblers together, and I'm hoping to get to sew them today, but check back tomorrow for a chance to win your own Go! Cutter :)  I'm excited!


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audreypawdrey said...

That is really neat. That was a concern that I had of wasting fabric, but it looks like the waste is around normal for cutting out shapes. Thanks, Amy!

KaHolly said...

This is great. As a former educator and able to use a similar product for years to create bulletin boards and other paper crafts for my students, I wondered how long it would be before someone got on the bandwagon and produced one for fabric! ~karen

Anonymous said...

I want one of these so much thank for the great review and the tip about marking the blades so one knows where they are.

Eileen said...

mine came last week & have had some fun with it. one thing that didn't register with me was needing cutting mats to fit each size die--DUH, so size for two of my dies is coming today. my friend and i both think there's a lot of time spent getting fabric ready to go through it, so marking dies should help--wonder why they don't do that in production? good videos online--some a bit hokey!! one showed marking past the actual square/rect. shape for even more ease of fabric placement. it tends to slide around, so wonder if setting it on that webbed shelf liner would be helpful

Lee D said...

are you serious a chance to win one, that would be awesome.

Dana Gaffney said...

Amy, you used a fat quarter, this may seem silly, but do you need to cut the fabric down to run it through the cutter?

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I really, really want one! LOL Thanks for the explanations!~ it only makes me want it more, but the cost is so high I think I'll be saving for quite awhile.

AnnieO said...

Oh, clever girl! This makes a lot of sense. It is still a mystery to me, though, how the cutting blades work. They must be IN the die somehow? Thanks for the info! I am excited about a chance to win one.

Erin said...

I am so glad for your review. I've been on the fence about pulling the trigger and just buying one. I think I most certainly will now...this is going to save a TON of time!

adnohr said...

Thanks for the followup. Now I really want one too!

Cheri C. said...

I have a Go and the one important thing I learned is to MAKE SURE you put the fabric on correctly. There is a diagram on their website... and you can snap the fabric to see which way is which - especially when the edges are gone. If you don't do this, then you may end up with shortened fabric.

ALSO, I just found out that Sizzix is coming out with quilting dies in conjunction with Westminster Fabrics. So, if you already have the Big Shot or the Big Kick OR if you want to get the Pro - Really nice - it's on sale right now at Joann's for $239(online only). (The Pro will have larger dies that can cut more at a time).

I don't know which will be the better cutter but it's at least an option for those scrapbooker crossovers that may already have a machine. You can go to sizzix.com and look at new products to see the dies or search for the quilting dies once you get to sizzix.com.

Either way, it's nice for shapes like circles or Hexagons to just cut quickly.


SewCalGal said...

One way to think about the AccuQuilt dies set on their dies, at an angle (as well as the recommendation to insert in the GO! a little off angle, is that when you cut with scissors the blade doesn't cut in a flat all at once swath, as much as from one side to the next. Thus, I like to think of my GO! cutting like scissors one side of the cut to the next!

Also, when you mark your dies there are many dies that you can get extra cuts and extra marks can help. For example, you can easily get oodles of 2 1/2" squares from your 2 1/2" strip, as well as LaMoyne stars and other designs.


Anonymous said...

I have had the GO since they first came out. The waste comes with the smaller cuts or the dies with multiple types of cuts. Most of those cuts are more easily done with a ruler with a lot less waste. For the tumbler and sometimes the 2 inch strips it is great, although cutting 2 inch strips with the June Taylor ruler is a lot more effective and faster. Big cuts you can't beat.
Small cuts, a lot of waste.
Hope this is helpful to some of you. Oh by the way, you can't beat the GO! on the rag quilt cuts/die, SO MUCH EASIER.

Petit Design Co. said...

I'd like to see how it cuts continuous strips

Mandy said...

I really want one of these to play with!!! SEW BAD! The price is what puts me off. IT's just too much.

scottylover said...

This is too neat! Thanks for showing how it works and how little waste there is, I'll be back tomorrow... :)

Sandy A

Anonymous said...

I love mine. I buy end of bolt remnants when I drive past a famous quilting store and use my Go! to make charm squares and other shapes and sizes. I love my accuquilt Go!

Pat said...

I am SO wanting one of these! Someday.....I hope!

WoolenSails said...

I really need one of these, with my arm hurting so much lately, I find it hard to cut with the rotary.
Hopefully I can save up and get one of my own.


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm so glad you are working with the AccuQuilt too!!! I really works just like it is advertised to work....I smile when others find the same thing because some folks think I say that because I sell them...then they learn....I only say what I think. Have fun!!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how this is different from a regular die cutter that a scrapbooker would use. My mom's Cricut cuts fabric. Maybe this is just marketed differently?

2miracles/Tove said...
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QuiltSue said...

I already have a Go! so I'm not entering the giveaway, but it is fantastic. Thanks though for the tip about marking - I never thought of that.

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for the chance to win the GO!! I think all the templates are awsome!
Mary Lynn

Cheri C. said...

Just wanted to tell people that there is a package deal right now on the accuquilt website. For $399(the usual cost of the machine) you get machine, 3 strip die sets, cover pads and a few other things. So, if you were wanting a deal, there it is...