May 21, 2009

Just Checking!

I have heard from a few of the winners, but want to check in with the rest and make sure you received your prize from the Quilt Festival last month! If you would take a moment to comment or email me and let me know I would really appreciate it!

I'm working on a tutorial for tomorrow :)

See you then -


Robin said...

Hey Amy! I wasn't sure it I told you or not...but yes, I recieved my awesome package that I won!! Thanks so much for the quilt was really great! You are awesome!


M said...

What happen to THE LIST of the entries???? I was only on #213 and hundreds to go - thanks for the help AND for the wonderful festival

Pamela said...

Hi Amy - Just got my goodies on Monday - I am going to make a quilted jacket from Patisserie fabrics! I will post a picture when I get it finished, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I'm not sure if I notified you, but I did receive my prize of 4 half-yard pieces of fabric. They are great, I have ordered more. I posted about it on my blog.

Terrie Sandelin said...

Think you know but, just in case, I received my package. Loved the fabrics and loved the on-line quilt tour. Looking forward to seeing what everyone posts next time we do this!

quiltmom said...

HI Amy,
My prize has not yet arrived here in Canada.
Thanks for checking about it.

Cathy said...

Yes, I received my prize. Thanks for putting on the show; it was lots of fun.

The Quilted Librarian said...

Hey Amy,
Yes, thanks, I received my prize and posted a picture of the gorgeous fabric on my blog here
Dana Fisher

Kim said...

Hi Amy, i feel like a moron for 1. not checking in sooner and 2. not having my email in my blog profile! You can bet I updated that right away. ;) Thanks for organizing the festival and it was some consolation to know i would have won something if only i'd had my email available. There's always next time!