October 09, 2009

Quilt Festival - Fall 2009

Welcome, welcome! I'm so excited to have you here for the festival! Make sure that you are comfortable, there are so many beautiful quilts to inspire and awe you. When I hosted the Spring Festival I was blown away by the vastness of this online community, and all the talent too! This installment is bound to be just as exciting and fun, with new friends made too. I need to start with a big THANK YOU to the sponsors - check them out on the right, and later in this post too! Each sponsor has generously offered a piece of their shop/business, please take a few moments to click over to each one as they all have something different to offer.
Do you have a quilt to showcase? Excellent! Here's what you need to do -- 1. Go write a post about your quilt. It doesn't matter what size, style, or era it is from - there's no judging here. In your post tell your quilt's story. Also be sure to link back here so your readers can join in the fun too! Everyone is welcome - international readers that's you too! 2. Once you have posted on your blog, come back here with a link to that post. Not just your blog, click on the title of your post and get a link to that specific post. 6 months later there have been lots of readers clicking through links from the Spring Festival daily, if you post just to your blog they will not be able to find your Festival Entry. 3. Insert your name and url in the Mr. Linky. 4. Leave me a comment to be entered in to the giveaways. I'm curious to know where you are from, could you please add your general location to your comment!? Thanks! 5. Now go check out all the other entries! Leave encouraging comments wherever you land, enjoy making new friends and be inspired. 6. If you are on flickr, consider adding your entry to the Group Pool, it's great to see all the quilts in the gallery.

About the sponsors and prizes!

Amy is the talent behind our fabulous graphics for the festival, and she is offering a great package --
To celebrate the launch of PatchworkFolio I am offering a complete blog makeover to include a custom header, 5 sidebar title buttons, custom background, fonts, colors, favicon and post divider, coordinating post title font and custom 'email me' button. I will work with your current platform (i.e. Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress or other) and restrictions may apply depending upon your plan level and options available with your service. If you don't have a blog but wish to enter the drawing I will get you set up on Blogger's free platform and include all of the above (a $150 value).

By Kay Mackenzie
Kay is offering an autographed copy of her book - Easy Appliqué Blocks: 50 Designs in 5 Sizes from That Patchwork Place.

Burgundy Buttons
Leah is offering a charm pack quilt pattern, designed by Sandy Gervais, and two of her charm packs -- Gobble Gobble and Essence!

Canton Village Quilt Works
Jackie is offering $25 off edge to edge quilting for your quilt top!

Dorothy Baker Designs
Dorothy is offering a complete pattern set for her BOM applique pattern "A Little Bit More...About Bears"!

Down Shadow Lane
Jen is offering a half yard bundle of Freshcut by Heather Bailey!

Eat Cake Graphics
Holly is offering a $30 gift certificate to her shop!

Fabric Shoppe
Jody is offering a Riley Blake Bundle! Including a Butterfly Kisses, Gracee Tunic & Bloomers Sewing Pattern, 2 yards Just Dreamy fabric, and 1 yard Velvet Ric-Rac.

Jona is offering a bundle of 10 fat quarters of Summer Soiree!

Fat Quarter Shop
Jocelyn and Kimberly are offering a $50 gift certificate!

Fresh Squeezed Fabric
Randi is offering a Portabello Pixie Pattern or a ModKid Pattern plus the fabric to make one outfit from that pattern! Lots of great options!

I Have a Notion
Kelly is offering Eleanor Burns' book, Quilt In a Day!

Maria Michael Designs
Maria is offering a group of PDF patterns! Including a Halloween Wall Hanging pattern, Boo Bags (bags for Trick or Treating) and, The Colours of Christmas!

Patchwork Trails
Terri is offering one Techie Bag from her shop! Winner's choice!

Piece N Quilt
Natalia is offering a Birdie charm pack, jelly roll and honey bun!

Pink Chalk Fabrics
Kathy is offering 4 $25 Gift Certificates!

Pleasant Home
Jodi has an amazing basket of goodies including --
a Birdie Honey Bun by Moda
3 Patterns from Mary's Cottage Quilts
1 spool of Variegated Thread
1 Hour Glass Template from Pleasant Home
1 Whirlygig Template Set from Pleasant Home
1 5" Square It Up Template from Pleasant Home
And a few misc. fun treats.

Quilted Treasures
Kristina and Mary are offering a $30 gift certificate!

Terri is offering a 3-in-1 color tool with a set of 5 hand-dyed fat quarters!

Rosebud Quilter
Michelle is offering a set of Kaffe Fassett fat quarters!

Sarah Ann Smith
Sarah is offering an autographed copy of her new book - Threadwork Unraveled!

Sheree's Alchemy
Sheree is offering a set of 20 fat quarters from the Odessya line by Momo!

So Fun Fabrics
Tisha is offering a $25 gift certificate!

Pam and Kristina are offering a $40 gift certificate!

Wish Upon a Quilt
Cathy is offering your choice of Amy Butler pattern, and a bundle of 4 - 1/2 yard Amy Butler prints!

Yellow Bird Art
Angela is giving away a bundle of 4 - 3/4yd cuts from Joel Dewberry!

All the miscellaneous details --

I have updated the button code to come back to this post - I encourage you to swap out the original and use this one for an easy reference back to all the inspiration! I will keep one in my sidebar too if you happen to come to my front page.

Could you do me a favor and let me know where you are from in your comment! - Please? I'm curious to know the diversity of this group :)

If you have any questions please email me directly, I'm not going to be able to keep up with the comments - Thanks!
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Anonymous said...

I have been spending lots of idle time loving all the beautiful quilts!
Susan from North Carolina

bekhy said...

Amy, I loved looking over your last quilt festival, it's how I discovered Red Pepper Quilts, which is one of my favorite blogs to follow now. I don't have a blog right now, but I copied over my flickr picture URL and sent the picture over to the Group Pool. I'm excited to be able to participate in your quilt festival this year! I'm from Portland, Oregon.

Jill said...

I have been looking at the quilts for days. Your blog is so inspirational! I just wish I had the time and knowledge to blog too. Maybe if I stopped looking so much, lol.
Thanks for the fun
Jill in San Diego, CA

Alexandra said...

What a lovely idea! I am so excited I came across this! Thank you!

I live in St.Albert, Alberta, Canada

Kari said...

I'm so thrilled to be participating in this Festival. I've already looked at many inspirational quilts and look forward to seeing many more. Thanks for hosting.
Kari in New York City

Angie said...

I'm linked up, even if a bit late! I've only started looking through all of the other entries!

Aimee said...

Thanks again, Amy! So much inspiration out there. From Aimee in New Hampshire!

Zlaty said...

Thank you so much Amy for hosting the Quilt Festival again!

I am glad I was able to join all the fun!

Happy sewing!

Zlaty in PA

Zlaty said...

Thank you Amy for hosting this lovely festival we can attend from the couch! :)

I am Zlaty in PA,

Happy Sewing!

Pam said...

Thanks again Amy for hosting the Festival. It's been great fun.

Jes said...

This was such a great idea! Thanks Amy!
I love seeing all the wonderful quilts.
Memphis, TN

dolores said...

I did it Amy, with a couple of hours to go....my first Quilt Fest!:)

Thanks for letting a non-blogger in and for organizing this wonderful Quilt Fest!:)

dolores said...

Oh, I forgot....Virginia is for Lovers!!:)

CJ said...

Whew! Just under the wire! I am CJ from way up north in Idaho! Posted my quilt and can't wait to take a look through ALL the other entries.
Thanks, Amy!

Sarah said...

Hi, I linked to an old blog post, I haven't posted on there in forever but maybe this will inspire me to try again :)
What a fun idea, thank you Amy!

Sarah in the UK

Kerri said...

Hi Amy, I'm Kerri from WA, and loved the quilt festival last spring! I was so excited to see it for fall and entered a new quilt I finished towards the end of spring. :)

I'm crossing my fingers for the blog makeover! That would be fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I'm Nova from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Thanks for organizing another awesome quilt festival :) Have a beautiful weekend, I know I'm going to - I have a quilt festival to visit! :) xxx

Petra said...

Hi Amy!

I just posted a link to my first quilt story. :)
I am from Germany and unfortunately quilting is not a big thing here, so I am glad to be able to participate in your festival!!

Thanks for this lovely blog!! :))


linda said...

Thanks for being a wonderful hostess Amy! Lots of inspiration! I'm Linda from medina, ohio.

mommymae said...

sneaking in here at #601. i'm out of town for a wedding, so just had the chance to post!

Suze said...

Wow..its going to take a while to go thru this many entries!! Cool idea...thanks for setting it up

Can't Believe I'm Sewing said...

I posted the only quilt I've ever finished! I hope to have more selection to choose from in the spring.
Kelly - Alberta, Canada

Cindy said...

I just posted my quilt "entry"! Barely making it!

Love peeking at everyones entries. There are quite a few so it's gonna take a while to get through them. LOL!

lisa said...

oh dear, I almost messed up, I forgot to write a comment but I did put my quilt/link up for you a few days ago. I am glad I came back to double check it worked!

I am from Helena, MT but my heart is in Seattle, WA!

Ellen said...

Many thanks from Phoenix for finding a way to gather so many accomplished crafters and ideas in one place!

Teresa C said...

I have spent way too much time on this over the past week. And I have loved every second of it! Thanks, I just posted my quilts, although I had hoped they would be back from the quilter by now. Such a bummer!

Thanks again! I'm loving it.

Angie said...

Wow! Look at all the wonderful places to visit! Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea! Thanks! I'm Diane of IndigoDi at typepad and I live in Connecticut.

Joanna said...

I made the deadline! Woo Hoo!! Where has this week gone?!! What a fantastic turnout! Such a great idea you've had, and a huge success too!

Joanna in NH but also UT and NZ. (And I have been to Park City many times!!!)

arlette said...

Hello everyone and Amy, I'm arlette from the blog el rincón de arlette (arlette's corner) and I'm from Costa Rica, I bet this is lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea! Way to go, Amy, and thank you for giving us all the opportunity to share in the fun of a Quilt Festival.

(from Seattle)

In Awe of Applique said...

oh...I hope I did this right! And I hope that I made it under the wire as well!! This is an awesome idea Amy!
~Andrea from W. Richland, WA

rebecs said...

thanks again! love this!

Rebecca; NC

Kim Walus said...

Amy, I'm after midnight on my comment but I made it under the wire on my quilt entry. Thanks for your recent post reminding me that I hadn't made my entry yet. I'm soooo happy that I made it and I'm actually dead last. Too funny! LOL!

I'm a local Utah girl and live not too far from Park City. I've lived out of State in Northern California for 13 years and have been back in Utah now for 11 years. I love it here!

Ellen said...

Many thanks for endless hours of entertainment!

Anna Kristine said...

Oh dear...for some reason I thought today was the deadline. I was just told about this yesterday. Oh well, I did a post about my quilt anywhere here: http://pemberleycouture.blogspot.com/2009/10/online-quilt-festival.html

This is such an inspiring idea!
~Anna Kristine, Oregon

Sue said...

I posted my favorite quilt at


Sorry, I can't figure out the Mr. Linky thing. I love your show! I am making my way through the links.

Simply Sandy said...

Thanks for hosting this festival. I hope I'm not too late. I'm from Louisville, KY.

henny said...

Sorry Amy,
I think I forgot to put where I live on my first comment. I'm Henny from Indonesia, South East Asia.

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